Aqualution has added to its infection control portfolio with the supply of stable hypochlorous acid to PPE Defends as a disinfectant sanitiser spray for its innovative graphene face masks significantly reducing the time between washes and adding an extra layer of protection.

PPE Defends wanted to cut through the misinformation and confusion related to low-efficacy, uneconomical and environmentally damaging face coverings that flooded the market at the start of the pandemic in 2020. PPE Defends’ unique and innovative face masks are professional healthcare grade for civilian use, having been tested and certified to EU FFP2 standards and KN95.

The uniqueness of the masks comes from the addition of an anti-viral protective layer of Graphene polymer. Graphene, pioneered by scientists at The Universities of Cambridge and Manchester and developed by Nobel Prize-winning physicists, is the thinnest, lightest and strongest substance known.  Regarded as a “super filter”, Graphene has additional anti-viral and antibacterial properties, which combined with excellent filtration capabilities at extremely small particle sizes. This enhanced protection makes Graphene-based polymer materials, leaders in the field and perfect for general use PPE such as Face Masks and Scrubs.

Wanting only the best products in its range, Aqualution, the leader in the science, manufacture and application of hypochlorous acid, was approached by PPE Defends to produce a hypochlorous acid sanitiser to kill any virus particles trapped by the mask, both enhancing the protection and enabling the masks to be disinfected without any detrimental effect on the filtration performance of the masks. Following testing at SGS Labs, the hypochlorous acid was shown to improve the effectiveness and lifespan on the masks, enabling them to be worn for longer between washes.

Nick Hutchings, Business Development Manager at PPE Defends said, “We are proud to be working with the experts at Aqualution to ensure that we only incorporate the very best science, safety and technology in our products. Aqualution’s hypochlorous acid is the only disinfectant spray that combines exceptional protection with unbeatable safety for our Graphene enhanced masks and thereby bringing confidence backed by real science to our customers.”

PPE Defends’ range of masks and hypochlorous acid disinfectant products are available online at


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