Aqualution Hydrogen

Aqualution is currently developing its technology to produce clean, green hydrogen from its electrolysis process.

Scotland has a vision to become a leading hydrogen nation in the production of  sustainable green hydrogen with hardware designed and manufactured in Scotland. The intent is to deliver a sustainable solution for the decarbonisation of the economy and  to generate 5GW of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen by 2030 and 25GW by 2045.

Our hypochlorous acid is manufactured by the electro-dialysis of water and salt using our advanced proprietary technology and whilst it produces the purest, most stable HOCl that we use in a multitude of sectors globally (including in the fight against Covid-19), the process also produces hydrogen as a by-product.

Known for our passion for innovation, over the past 12 months Aqualution has been working with the Scottish Government and the University of Edinburgh on an extremely exciting project to look at how we can repurpose our proprietary in-house electro-dialysis process and expertise to efficiently produce hydrogen rather than hypochlorous acid. Our generators are designed to work with poor quality water, eliminating the expensive cost of water purification that existing hydrogen electrolysers require.

Developments so far have been extremely promising. We have successfully worked with academics at the University of Edinburgh and using our proprietary equipment have been able to generate hydrogen at a competitive cost without the need for high purity water supporting the ultimate aim of  using sea water in the process along with offshore wind generated electricity to produce the cleanest, cheapest and most sustainable green hydrogen scientifically possible.

Our spin-out company will be called Clean Energy Scotland, working with Aqualution on the hydrogen generation, but also working with partners to all the way through to supply.


For more information on our hydrogen development please email hydrogen@aqualution.co.uk

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