Salvesan hypochlorous acid has been formulated using Aqualution® technology to meet the demands of environmental cleaning in the most challenging healthcare environments, workplaces and other facilities and premises.

Our surface sprays, refill drums and our mist products for fogging disinfectant and odour elimination are available via our global distributors. Please get in touch or see the list of our distributors here.


  • Fast acting in seconds

  • Kills 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses present

  • Ideal for busy and high turnover environments

  • Available in a range of sizes and applications including fogging machines

  • Effective for humans, animals and the environment

  • BSEN 13727, BSEN 1500, BSEN 1650, BSEN 14476 certification

Salvesan Surface

Our range of surface products are ideal for any “spray and wipe” environment. As the fastest disinfectant available, Salvesan hypochlorous gets to work immediately, requires no dwell time, kills 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses, including coronaviruses, and is pH balanced so is as gentle as water.

Our surface products are available in a range of spray bottle sizes, refill drums and our new eco-mist super fine spray. We are also currently developing a disposable wipe bucket.

For more information or to buy please get in touch with one of our distributors – click here for the list.

Salvesan Mist

Our Mist range of products are for use in approved fogging machines for complete peace of mind that every inch of a room has been disinfected thoroughly. We undertake robust testing of all the fogging machines that we recommend to ensure that there is no detrimental effect on our hypochlorous acid. View all our validated fogging machines here.

The Salvesan Mist range also includes a powerful deodoriser flairosol spray that eliminates all odours in seconds. Ideal for healthcare environments, care homes, gyms, restaurants and any public bathroom.

For more information or to buy please get in touch with one of our distributors – click here for the list.


Salvesan hypochlorous spray is perfect for surface disinfection but is also ideal for use in approved fogging machines for complete infection control for any communal or high footfall environment. And as our hypochlorous acid works in seconds and can be administered quickly and efficiently, it brings complete peace of mind for your working environment.

However, not all fogging machines maintain the effectiveness of hypochlorous acid and Salvesan hypochlorous should only be used in approved and validated equipment. Please contact us for more information on machinery and advice on whether PPE is required for your application.

Salvesan validated fogging machines

For more information please see the Salvesan safety data sheet.