On the back of growth seen in hypochlorous acid skincare products, particularly in the US, Aqualution is delighted to introduce its latest product — Within Skincare Hypochlorous Acid Miracle Mist. Packed with the transformative power of Aqualution’s hypochlorous acid, Within Skincare will focus on the cosmetic market and act as a showcase for the quality of our hypochlorous acid.

The Miraculous Power of Hypochlorous Acid

As the global leader in the science and manufacture of hypochlorous acid, we know first hand how effective hypochlorous acid can be for skincare issues. Renowned for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, hypochlorous acid is fast becoming the not-so secret ingredient promising a revolution in skincare.

However the regulations are limited. As hypochlorous acid is not authorised in the UK for use on the skin as a biocide, all hypochlorous products for the skin must be authorised as cosmetics which limits the claims on pack, but does not limit the power of the liquid in the bottle!

In other jurisdictions, where regulations are different, hypochlorous acid skincare products are marketed for the care of a range of skin complaints including acne, rosacea and eczema and we too have received remarkable feedback from customers who have used it to transform their skin.

Why Within Skincare Miracle Mist?

Within Skincare harnesses Aqualution’s purest hypochlorous acid to cater to diverse skincare needs and is it is made and packaged by Aqualution there is complete peace of mind that the liquid in the bottle is the purest hypochlorous acid on the market (others marketing as hypochlorous are usually acidified bleach with a shorter shelf life). As such Within Skincare Miracle Mist offers a versatile solution in a single, powerful formula. Simply add it into your routine to reduce, soothe and protect the skin, even the most sensitive.

Experience the benefits of Within Skincare’s Hypochlorous Acid Miracle Mist

  1. A Double-Cleanse Skincare Solution: This miracle mist can be added into your existing routine offering an effective yet gentle double-cleanse step into you routine. It effectively cleanses the skin whilst also toning, revitalizing and protecting, all in one convenient mist.
  2. Instant Refreshment: Feel an instant burst of refreshment as the Miracle Mist revitalises and balances your skin’s pH, leaving it rejuvenated and ready for the day.
  3. Radiant Glow: Achieve a natural radiance with the Miracle Mist’s ability to brighten and nourish your complexion, unveiling the beauty within.

Join the Miracle Mist Movement

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Take a look at the Within Skincare website here.