Hand in hand with Aqualution, the European leader in the production of hypochlorous acid, and in collaboration with a local team of professionals, the ICB group brings the disinfection revolution to its neighbouring country, launching its range of hypochlorous acid in France.

BRINASAN, BRINACLIN, KLORXITOL and MICLORINE will be available on the French market to cover all the needs of modern disinfection in all sectors, from livestock production to food and hospital safety.

The arrival on the French market coincides with the next European regulation of hypochlorous acid as a disinfectant in the PT1 category for human skin. This new registration will be a milestone in the management of disinfection, asepsis and skin care in humans.

99.9999% effective, 100% non-hazardous, 100% skin friendly, hypochlorous acid is the alternative to chlorhexidines, povidones iodine, alcohol and any other known biocides.

Nature at the service of health.

For more information on BRINASAN – BRINACLIN – KLORXITOL – MICLORINE please visit https://www.acido-hipocloroso.com/