Horsepital, the leading equine clinic hospital in Spain, has decided to entrust the disinfection of its facilities to BrinaSan. This revolutionary product contains hypochlorous acid manufactured by Aqualution, based in the UK and holder of the registration dossier of this active substance in Europe and is used extensively in the UK in equine studs and clinics for the complete disinfection of horses, equipment and surfaces under the Solosan brand. Having been in development for 13 years, their hypochlorous acid has launched in Spain under the brand name BrinaSan, through the Spanish company ICB Ibérica.

ICB Ibérica are the exclusive partners of Aqualution in Spain with a range of hypochlorous acid products for different environments.  BrinaSan is capable of meeting the most demanding requirements for improving animal welfare, biosecurity and agriculture. It is the only stable hypochlorous acid product in Spain that is able to be used as a bactericide, fungicide and virucide in all types of wounds and skin pathologies, due to its microbicidal, anti-inflammatory and healing enhancing properties, as well as the disinfection of the environment, air and surfaces.

In Horsepital, based in Madrid, they have realised that the disinfection of surfaces is not enough to eradicate respiratory infections so frequent in the equine clinic, such as rhinopneumonitis or influenza. As all respiratory viruses are transmitted through the air, eliminating them from the air environment would ensure the absolute eradication of these diseases.

BrinaSan can be fogged in the environment eliminating viruses that are suspended in the air and can be used in the presence of animals with no detrimental effect. As the particle size needs to be less than 5 microns, we are using cold fogging machinery such as those offered by Bioccloud ( Fogging with BrinaSan opens a new field in the prophylaxis of diseases, since it is the only product that eliminates pathogens in offices, operating rooms, hospital rooms, stables, kennels and other rooms without having to separate the animals present in these rooms.

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