Following many years promoting the benefits of hypochlorous acid for disinfection, CliniTech Medical has seen its efforts rewarded with a recent contract award with the Department of Health and Social Care.

Under the new contract, CliniTech is providing disinfection solutions for use within newly built Government buildings. The brief was to provide airborne fogging to multiple rooms, utilising the safest and most effective fogging liquid.

CliniTech’s hardware comprises their ULTRAFOG-1200SV, a simple to use stationary dry fog system, which delivers rapid fogging with virtually no noise. Additionally, the powerful and portable wet fog system named ZEST XL. Both systems are designed exclusively for pure stable hypochlorous acid, creating the most innovative and effective disinfection protocol.

“Our first choice for pure stable hypochlorous has always been Aqualution’s outstanding EU approved solutions,” commented CliniTech Medical’s MD Christopher Docking. “Around the start of the pandemic we were inundated with customer requests for a safe and effective fogging solution. The good news was that we already had hypochlorous acid technology onboard with many in-use applications across a range of sectors and environments. The challenge was to educate our clients to the dangers of using other so called hypochlorous products. We’re so pleased to have ensured DHSC utilised the gold standard in fogging technology that we can provide.”

The benefits of hypochlorous acid over traditional quat disinfectants are numerous. It has a very low contact times of less than 60 seconds, efficacy against 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses, can be used on both soft and hard surfaces, is gentle for use in public spaces, leaves no toxic residues and has a 12-month shelf life. As it is simple to use, compliance is high.

Selecting the most suitable disinfectant is however, only one of the two components essential for effective environmental disinfection. The other component is ensuring that the disinfectant contacts all surfaces and is given the correct dwell time. There has been considerable uptake from all sectors of fogging as a decontamination strategy: environmental fogging allows the hypochlorous acid to reach areas that would not normally be sanitised by human spray and wipe techniques, requires minimal human input and provides visual reassurance that something positive is being done.

CEO of Aqualution Systems, Nick Meakin, added, “Hypochlorous acid is seeing a huge boost from organisations such as the Department of Health and Social Care, leading UK care homes and the NHS who are now appreciating its many benefits over and above traditional quats, bleach and HPV. Our partners at CliniTech Medical have been extolling its virtues with us for many years with the effort now being paid off.”

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