Introducing Electrosan

From transport to manufacturing and healthcare to childcare, numerous industries across the UK and around the world are discovering the sanitisation benefits of Aqualution’s hypochlorous acid.

Never has there been a more important time to ensure our work, education, leisure facilities and homes are safe, clean and protected, and Aqualution’s hypochlorous acid is the better, faster and gentler way to disinfect. Killing 99.9999% of harmful pathogens in seconds and being pH neutral, therefore requiring no PPE to administer, hypochlorous acid is the best alternative to traditional, toxic disinfectants.

As the leader in the science, manufacture and application of hypochlorous acid, Aqualution works with leading hygiene brands to provide them with the only stable hypochlorous acid on the market, with a shelf-life of over 12 months.

One of our partners, Repclif Chemical Services Ltd, the home of Qualkem Brands, has been supplying its ‘Aqualution Inside’ Electrosan branded hypochlorous acid to a range of industries including education, leisure, veterinary, music and facilities, and direct to consumers, since 2019.

Initially launching as an antiseptic to the leisure market as a walkers and campers antiseptic companion it has grown and developed into a number of products to satisfy different markets. What started out in the leisure industry also developed into products for the sanitising of musical instruments and for veterinary use but, when Covid-19 took hold in March 2020, Electrosan pivoted its positioning from an antiseptic spray to a sanitiser spray, due the incredible sanitisation benefits of hypochlorous acid as a disinfectant spray and fogging solution.

Today, Electrosan goes from strength to strength. In May 2020 they won a large contract to supply a major local authority wholesaler, in July of last year it was listed in Lakeland which became a Lakeland Star Product and it has also been pivotal in the development of the Februus ultra-dry fogging machine that uses Electrosan to disinfect offices and public spaces quickly, efficiently and safely.

Based in Cheshire, Qualkem Brands works closely with its local community, raising money for local charities and also, at the height of the pandemic, giving its product away for free to key workers and care homes. Nick Meakin, CEO of Aqualution, commented, “We are very proud of our partnership with Repclif/Qualkem. Their Electrosan brand is instrumental in raising the profile of hypochlorous acid and its use across industries as a safer and better sanitising product and they are doing great CSR work in their community too.”

Ian Hill, National Sales Manager at Qualkem Brands said “Aqualution’s hypochlorous was the only choice for us. They are the indisputable leaders in the supply of this robust, stable and overall incredible product that is paving the way for greener chemistry. One of the reasons we launched the Electrosan brand was to support the change from more hazardous chemical use to greener alternatives that, despite being kinder and gentler, pack even more of a punch than traditional chemicals, and Aqualution’s hypochlorous acid is the answer.”

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