At Aqualution we are lucky enough to work with some of the best partners and those that feel as passionate about hypochlorous acid as we do.

One of those is DK Service Global who provide infection control services throughout Northern Ireland with the aim of creating safer and healthier environments. Experts in electrostatic fogging and hygiene services DK Service Global approached Aqualution in 2018 to manufacture their hypochlorous acid disinfectant, the only disinfectant product in their portfolio.

With a reputation for bringing together proven and effective industry technologies from across the globe, and having done extensive research, DK Service Global were in no doubt that HOCl was the only viable disinfectant for them due to it combining both exceptional kill capability and speed, with high levels of safety and human compatibility.

Its hypochlorous brand, Tyrosan20 manufactured by Aqualution, is making a name for itself in Northern Ireland and is being used widely in a range of premises including schools, care homes, dentists, offices, hotels and leisure facilities.

Operating under the Safer Space umbrella, DKSG provides clients with a full range of services from sanitisation, fogging, air purifying and ongoing infection control, enabling premises to gain Safer Space accreditation and to operate safely and within all necessary protocols. Unfortunately, many facilities are inadvertently creating as many problems as they are trying to eradicate by continuing with their present outdated and somewhat dangerous sanitising practices that over time may produce health side effects. With Tyrosan20, harnessing the incredible power and gentleness of hypochlorous, DKSG are able to provide the holy grail of disinfectants; exceptional kill capability and protection with complete avoidance of any harsh chemicals to help keep business protected and operational.

Tyrosan20 is the disinfectant solution that enables them to adhere to such a high level of protocol. The hypochlorous in Tyrosan20 kills 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of all viruses in seconds and as it is pH neutral and skin-friendly it leaves no nasty chemical residues and poses no health or environmental concerns. It is also so gentle to humans that no PPE is required to administer it.

However, Sean Corry, Director at DKSG was wary of many of the hypochlorous cowboys currently in operation and particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic began. “The only choice for us was Aqualution’s hypochlorous acid. It is the only manufacturer of stable HOCl at 150ppm and a neutral pH. Nothing else out there compares to it.”

One business currently using Tyrosan20 is the prestigious Galgorm Golf & Spa Resort, Northern Ireland’s Premier luxury hotel and spa situated only 30 minutes from Belfast who replaced their previous disinfectant with Tyrosan20 after only one demonstration of how effective it is.  Sean Corry explains, “After ATP swab testing with our mobile laboratory we could show the facility manager an immediate zero RLU reading after one spray and wipe with TyroSan20 on a variety of locations/surfaces, that’s how powerful hypochlorous is. There is no doubt that all businesses should be using it.”

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