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‘The best product for racing pigeons that’s come onto the market for years. Better feathering, clear eyes, pure white wattles… better fertility… vitality increase 30%.’ Solosan™ hypochlorous acid products are a game-changer for avian health and performance.

You want to keep your birds in peak racing condition, so it’s vital to protect them from unseen bugs that can affect their general health and performance.

Solosan™ is a safe, powerful biocide that kills 99.9% of known bacteria and is harmless to birds, animals, humans and the environment.

Solosan™ contains hypochlorous acid, a naturally occurring chemical that is part of the human immune system. It kills the bacteria commonly found in bird drinking water (E coli, Campylobacter, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Streptococcus and Staphylococcus), as well as viruses (avian influenza, infectious bronchitis and rotavirus).

Solosan™ also prevents slime and biofilm in drinking equipment, and drastically slows down the formation of limescale. To use it in drinking water, just add 5 to 10ml of Solosan to 1 litre of fresh tap water. Tap water is often contaminated by the time the birds drink it. However, treating it with Solosan™ ensures that it stays clean, and doesn’t become a source of infection for the birds.

Solosan™ can also be used to sanitise equipment. Just wash drinkers, feeders, cages and any other equipment as normal, then spray with Solosan to sanitise. It’s also an effective deodoriser, particularly with ammonia-based smells – simply spray neat Solosan™ directly into the cages and loft space.

Owners using Solosan™ to improve the health and wellbeing of their racing pigeons report that bird appearance, health and fertility are greatly improved, with brighter eyes, whiter wattles, improved rampancy, and higher rates of hatchability.

George McKeown (Uddingston, Lanarkshire Federation) has been using Solosan™ for his racing pigeons:

Solosan is ‘the best product for pigeons that’s come onto the market for years. I’ve observed better feathering, clear eyes, pure white wattles, consistently solid droppings, better fertility in hens and improved rampancy in cocks. We’ve seen overall vitality increase by 30%, and a vast improvement in general pigeon condition. Birds have also been quicker to return to condition post-moult.’

Billy Holland, the owner of the Scottish One Loft Race, has used Solosan in the drinking water of his pigeons every day:

‘My young pigeons come from every part of the UK, as well as a few from Europe, bringing many strains of bacteria into the loft. Paired with stress, extensive training of up to 1,400 miles and endurance racing, young bird sickness can become quite an issue if left untreated. With this in mind, only the birds in top physiological condition are able to cope with the strict regime. Aqualution’s Solosan Bird Sanitiser and Disinfectant not only enabled my pigeons to be entered into races; it facilitated their qualification into the Scottish National Flying Club final. The race started with a total of 1,839 birds, out of which 458 were my racing pigeons. At the end of the race, 24 of my pigeons qualified in poll positions, ranging from 7th to 105th. Out of the amount of birds entered, this speaks volumes for the quality of my racing pigeons thanks to Solosan. It is one of the best products on the market, and I would recommend it to anyone to use throughout the year in all bird lofts’.

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