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Aqualution® technology is revolutionising the food and beverage processing industry with hypochlorous acid (electrolysed water) – a safe, effective, environmentally friendly sanitiser that’s ideal for Cleaning In Place and equipment sanitation.

Our food safe sanitiser, Zygosan, is a game-changer in the effective sanitation of your food and beverage processing equipment. It kills 99.9% of all known germs, is bio-degradable, completely food safe and harmless to people and animals.

Zygosan has been rigorously lab-tested and is highly effective in

  • killing pathenogenic and spoilage bacteria, spores, yeasts and moulds
  • direct disinfection of raw materials
  • biofilm control
  • plant Cleaning In Place (CIP)
  • water and water system treatment
  • disinfecting filling and packaging equipment
  • disinfecting plant tools and equipment
  • environmental fogging
  • floor and drain cleaning

Other advantages include:

  • doesn’t need heating to work, so saves on energy costs
  • no special Health & Safety risk assessment controls and staff PPE requirements
  • onerous environmental aspects and impacts controls
  • saves effluent treatment costs
  • potential simplification of HACCP controls

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For Zygosan MSDS click here to download.

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