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Disinfectants based on electrolysed water (hypochlorous acid) have revolutionised the food preparation industry in Japan, and are now doing the same throughout Europe. Our food-safe disinfectant Zygosan outperforms standard disinfectants, and is completely harmless to people and the environment.

Why is Zygosan hypochlorous acid disinfectant so effective?

  • kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses and spores in seconds
  • effective against human contaminants including flu  E-coli, C-difficile, MRSA and Norovirus
  • food safe
  • no need for rinsing
  • minimal contact time
  • no need to stress about accidental spillage
  • no need for staff to take special precautions
  • does not taint
  • can be used to sanitise all types of equipment and surfaces, including floors

Zygosan is produced on site, on demand, using Aqualution® technology. Unlike other companies, we’ve invented the technology, done the research, and field-tested the product. We’re a British company working with partners including the NHS, universities and Marks and Spencer, so you know your food preparation operation is in good hands!

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