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Hypochlorous acid products are perfect for the independent brewery that wants a natural, safe and environmentally friendly approach to hygiene and sanitation in its brewery and pubs.

Zygosan is an effective and efficient sanitiser that is derived from HOCl, the chemical in the human immune system that combats micro-organisms.

This makes Zygosan an extremely effective sanitiser which kills all known micro-organisms.

Zygosan can be used in the micro brewery environment for sanitation at all stages of the process, from the brewery itself, through keg cleaning and to the cleaning of the beer lines at the bar – ensuring that the quality of the beer is never compromised.

Additionally, Zygosan is completely harmless, totally bio degradable and food safe, so no additional concerns or controls are needed to protect your employees, your customers or the planet.

And with the potential for on site generation of Zygosan and reduction in pull through after cleaning, Zygosan can deliver some additional cost benefits as well.

For Zygosan MSDS click here to download

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