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The Aqualution food safe sanitiser Zygosan is a safe, effective and environmentally friendly sanitation solution for all your dispense equipment, based on the revolutionary hygiene product, hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

Harmless for people and the environment, Zygosan, our completely food safe sanitiser offers a genuine alternative for effective sanitation of your liquid dispense equipment, whether soft drinks, water, or brewing applications. Food safe and completely bio-degradable, it can be used for a range of dispense installations, from water coolers and chilled dispense equipment in bars and restaurants, to on site filtered water installations.

As it is food safe, there is no risk of contamination of the drink or water with cleaning chemical residues.

No need for specific Health & Safety risk assessment controls and staff PPE requirements.

Potential simplification of HACCP controls.

Zygosan is fast and effective, and kills up to 99.99% of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria, spores, yeasts and moulds. Especially effective in biofilm control.

Zygosan is made by Aqualution, the British company who invented the technology behind the hypochlorous acid revolution in sanitation.

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