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Aqualution® technology – food safe, cost-effective hygiene with the hypochlorous acid revolution. Ideal for all your production plant Cleaning in Place (CIP) requirements.

The Aqualution® Zygosan system is a game-changer for production plant CIP. It’s highly effective and completely safe, with considerable cost benefits.


  • kills 99.99% of all known spoilage and pathenogenic micro-organisms
  • eradicates and prevents biofilm in complex pipework


  • non-hazardous
  • food safe
  • biodegradable


  • reduced Health & Safety control costs
  • reduced HACCP time and complexity
  • transport and storage savings
  • saving on cleaning time and more production capacity
  • saving energy costs

For most operations, it’s most cost-effective to make Zygosan on site, on demand, by installing a generator designed around your plant requirements. Unlike other companies producing hypochlorous acid products, we invented the technology, lab-tested the product and understand the science and engineering, so we can design a solution that’s tailor-made for your operation.

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For Zygosan MSDS, click here to download.

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