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In schools and nurseries, children, infants and toddlers are very susceptible to infections. They’ve not been exposed to many of the most common bacteria and viruses, and thus have not built up immunity. They also have many habits that help infections to spread.

Aqualution systems’ fast-acting, completely safe biocide Salvesan™ can help schools to control the spread of infection. It’s  more effective than bleach, but harmless to people, animals and the environment, and doesn’t need any special handling or disposal around children.

Salvesan™ is available to buy online in a safe, easy-to-use trigger bottle, or can be produced using our cost-effective on-site, on demand system. This is a small unit which lets you generate as much biocide as you need, reducing the demand on:

  • budgets
  • storage
  • administration
  • container waste disposal
  • transportation of cleaning product
  • training
  • COSHH & risk assessments 

Find out how Aqualution’s Salvesan disinfectant can help schools to beat winter viruses.

Contact us on 01223 236088 or email sales@aqualution.co.uk for more information.

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