Salvesan SKIN is a range of leading hypochlorous acid hand sanitising and skin disinfectant products that harness the power of Salvesan and are available in both a liquid and new hypochlorous gel format.


SALVESAN SKIN – The best alternative to alcohol

Gentle to skin, pH neutral but with the power to kill 99.9% of bacteria and 99.99% of enveloped viruses, our hypochlorous acid hand sanitiser range is the future of hand sanitisation, harnessing the same power of our Salvesan hypochlorous without any of the side-effects caused by alcohol based sanitisers.

Salvesan SKIN is also available in a new, innovative and first-to-market hand sanitiser gel format, the very first gel sanitiser to be made from hypochlorous acid.


Alcohol sanitisers:

  • Can be toxic if misused
  • Can cause skin conditions such as cracked skin and excema
  • Can be lethal if ingested by children
  • Can ignite if near naked flames
  • Cause anti-microbial resistance to superbugs
  • Are ineffective against some pathogens such as E. coli and Norovirus
  • Cause altered microbiomes on the skin
  • Are harmful to the environment.


Gelpole offers a full range of foot operated hand sanitiser stations for retail, education and transport markets that exclusively uses our gel for its non-alcohol-based sanitiser. Foot operated dispensers limit the use of hands allowing the gel to be dispensed by stepping on the metal anti-slip pedal while holding hands under the nozzle.

Together, we offer the ultimate in hand hygiene protection.

Our unique personal gel dispenser – Saniball

The Saniball is a portable, magnetic and refillable disinfectant dispenser in the shape of a handy ball, made of high quality silicone perfect for dispensing our new Salvesan Skin Gel Sanitiser.

Ideal for pupils, teachers and attaching to lanyards.