We are pleased to announce that this month Aqualution received Halal Certification. This means that we have the right controls in place in our factory to produce chemicals in such a way that they conform to halal rules. All our products and those that we produce for our partners can now be called halal certified.

What is halal certification?

It is a method that involves a valid, competent, and impartial institution to inspect the production facilities and products, to verify that the manufacturing has been made in accordance with halal standards, and to issue an approved document accordingly. Along with the halal requirements, hygiene must be in accordance with ISO rules. Halal certification is a necessary condition for the production of an acceptable and reliable product for religiously sensitive consumers.

Why do we need halal certification?

Anywhere that produces or prepares halal food needs meet halal rules including the chemicals that are used to clean the premises. These chemicals need to be halal-certified and produced by a manufacturer that also complies with the rules, one rule being that no alcohol is present in these facilities. As a leading biocide company producing alcohol free disinfectants and sanitisers for a wide range of customers in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and beyond, we offer the gold standard of disinfectants and sanitisers alternative choice to those needing halal friendly products.