A monumental step forward in veterinary care, healthcare and hygiene! The SCIENCE behind the Hypochlorous revolution!

Equisan E70 kills 99.9999% of all pathogens in less than one minute and is completely harmless to horses, people and the environment. A highly effective topical treatment for skin and hoof conditions including mud fever, wounds and grazes, scald, hoof rot, thrush and other bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

What is it?

Equisan E70 is a revolutionary health and hygiene product which is transforming equine welfare and treatment. It is made from a natural biocide called Hypochlorous acid (HOCI) which is also produced by human and animal immune systems and is used to fight infections and kill invading pathogens i.e. bacteria and viruses. Hypochlorous is completely harmless to horses and humans and is PH matched to horse’s skin so it won’t sting. It is equally effective in the treatment of dogs, cats, poultry and other pets

How do I use it?

Wounds, injuries and fungal infections. Clean area thoroughly to remove soil or debris then spray generously on the affected area. Repeat at least twice daily.

Hoof.Clean hoof area thoroughly. Place Equisan E70in a suitable plastic container and submerge the affected hoof for two minutes.

Sheath wash. Apply with a suitable cloth or sponge.

Tack. To kill mould or sanitise tack to prevent the spread of ringworm, clean tack as normal then spray with Equisan E70, wipe off after one minute.

Stabling. Spray liberally in a clean stable prior to putting down fresh bedding.

How safe is it?

Equisan E70 is completely non-toxic and safe even if it gets licked off the skin. As Hypochlorous is already produced naturally by a horses body to fight pathogens it is the most natural biocide you can use.

Competition safe.

Contains no banned chemicals under FEI and Jockey Club rules

Value for money

When using Equisan on your horse, for example for the control of mud fever it should be used generously and regularly to flush the whole area affected. We have priced Equisan E70 so we believe at the present time it offers very considerably the best value for money in the market allowing you to use more to the ultimate benefit of your horse.

Who are we?

Equisan E70 was developed by Aqualution Systems Ltd the world leader in Hypochlorous technology. They are the scientists who invented the technology of genuinely stabilised Hypochlorous. Equisan E70 is marketed by Renapur Ltd.

Regulatory responsibility and compliance.

Various products have been rushed to market to try and take advantage of the hype around Hypochlorous. Before taking Equisan E70 to market we validated our product through many independent institutions and it has been field tested in conjunction with the Royal Veterinary College, The University of Kentucky School of Veterinary Science, BUPA, the NHS and many others.

Equisan E70 is fully compliant with the European Biocidal regulations (EU28/2012) and is formulated and manufactured by Aqualution Systems Ltd and is the only Hypochlorous product on sale in Europe to be approved as fully complying with the requirements of the regulations. Our approval includes Product Type 3 Veterinary use.

In addition Equisan E70 has been independently laboratory tested (in the UK) to rigorous internationally recognised standards and complies with BSEN 1276   BSEN 13704   BSEN 1656   BSEN 14204   BSEN 13697


When buying a Hypochlorous product please check, for the sake of your horse, that you are buying into independently corroborated science rather than marketing spiel!

Quality control.

Equisan E70 is manufactured by Aqualution Systems Ltd in their own facility so they are able to carefully monitor the quality of their products at all times

Is Hypochlorous a new discovery?

No. Hypochlorous was discovered in the 19th century. It is the substance that is released by human and mammal immune systems to kill invading pathogens i.e. bacterium, viruses, fungi and mould. In the mid 20thcentury the Russians learnt how to make it and in the 1980’s the technology was used in their space program to sanitise drinking water that was recycled from astronauts.

Why hasn’t it been available before?

The only problem with Hypochlorous is that it could not be stabilised and thus only had a shelf life of less than one day. Hypochlorous has been used extensively in large scale industrial and agricultural applications such as dairy and poultry where they produced Hypochlorous onsite to fulfil their immediate hygiene requirements.

The Revolution

The Holy Grail of Hypochlorous science was to find a way of stabilising it so it retained full potency and an adequate shelf life so it could be packaged and used by the public, healthcare institutions and businesses. Whoever achieved that would create a monumental step forward in healthcare, veterinary care and hygiene.

We did it.

It took a pharmaceutical sized budget and a team of very committed scientists but we cracked it*. Equisan E70 is a genuinely stabilised, optimum strength hypochlorous solution with a shelf life of one year, Equisan E70 does dot not contain preservatives or stabilising agents and the stability comes from the development of our electro dialysis manufacturing process. The stability of   Equisan E70 has been validated the EU biocides regulators Rapporteur Member State (RMS) and the competent authority technical committee

We are already keeping you safe.

We are regarded as the world leaders in Hypochlorous technology and we have an enviable reputation. We have many blue chip customers around the world including veterinary clinics, Hospitals (infection control), Agriculture groups, supermarket groups, food processors etc. who use our Hypochlorous technology in their fight against pathogens. Though you don’t know it we already keeping you and your family safe, through infection control in hospitals, care homes, schools and nurseries. We keep you safe through the sanitation of the ready to eat produce, salads and herbs you buy in supermarkets and through delivering high standards of welfare and biosecurity for farm livestock such as poultry and dairy cows.

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