Solosan is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, AI, IB and Newcastle’s Disease, but is non-toxic and completely safe for birds, people and the environment. Manufactured here in the UK, naturally we have ensured it has full EU compliance under the biocide directive

The most effective use of Solosan is in drinking water. Treating the water with Solosan ensures it remains clean and will not become a source of infection. It is also effective to disinfect equipment and housing.

The happiness and well-being of your birds, whether they be parrots, budgies, cockatiel, canaries, finches, lovebirds, ringnecks or quail, is determined by the slightest change in health. Paying close attention to their food, their comfort and their environment ensures you are doing the best for them.

Solosan Bird Sanitiser & Disinfectant offers 3 in 1 protection – The perfect choice for your birds.