The Company

Aqualution Systems Ltd was set up in 2002 by a team of scientists in the pharmaceutical industry with a strong commitment to solving real-world problems and making a real difference.

Thanks to our ground-breaking technology, we’re the only company to manufacture stable packaged hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a safe, environmentally friendly biocide which represents a monumental step forward in heathcare and hygiene.

We’ve been an independent business since 2009, and currently have manufacturing capability in 34 countries. We’re currently working with leading supermarket chains, universities, food processors and the NHS to lay the foundations for a revolution in health and safety.

Our Aqualution® products basically stop germs in their tracks. That includes things like E-coli, Norovirus, MRSA, influenza and C-difficile that are such a problem in hospitals, food processing, and animal welfare. Aqualution® products are revolutionary because they’re made of the same biocide that’s produced by our bodies to fight bugs, so they’re completely safe for people and animals. Read more about the science here.

We’re well aware that what looks good in the lab might not work in the real world. So we roll up our sleeves and carry out rigorous, scientifically validated field trials in real-life businesses – whether it’s an NHS hospital, a fruit processing plant in Nairobi, or a Yorkshire dairy or poultry farm. Our engineers and scientists work closely with your R&D team and operations managers to deliver complete solutions on the ground.

Want to sample our products? Start here. Want to know who we are? Go here. To discuss how we can transform your operation’s health and hygiene results, get in touch.

Our Product Range

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